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Galaxy Clusters

Abell Galaxy Cluster 2151 in Hercules, centred on Arp 71 (the "Hook").  This LRGB of 60:40:40:40 minutes was taken in Spain on 13th July, 2015 using the Planewave scope and QSI 683 camera. Abell 2151 is 500 million light years distant from us.

Abell Galaxy Cluster 2199 in Hercules, with the fascinating triple cored NGC 6166 galaxy at its centre, a galaxy with an active galactic nucleus (AGN). This cluster is only one of several galaxy clusters in this part of the sky, and it is estimated to be 400 million light years distant from us.

Abell Galaxy Cluster 2199 in colour.  We liked the luminance image so much we returned 3 nights later to add colours.  This LRGB takes the 60 minute luminance from above and combines it with 30 minutes of each colour.

Stefan's Quintet located very close to the large spiral galaxy NGC 7331 in Pegasus, this group of galaxies is extremely faint and tough to find and see.  This image is an LRGB of 60:30:30:30 minutes using our Planewave telescope and QSI 683 camera.  All five galaxies span an area less than 3.5 minutes of arc, with several of them interacting. 

The Trio in Leo. Galaxies M65 (lower right in the image), M66 (upper right) and NGC 3628 (left) are all part of the same group of galaxies at a distance of 65 million light years from Earth.  This LRGB image is a compilation of eight 5 minute exposures for the luminance, and six 5 minute exposures for each of the colours.

Virgo Cluster  In March 2002 we imaged this collection of galaxies in the northern part of the Virgo cluster.  Taken with the FSQ at f/5, this 50 minute exposure shows (from the left) NGC 4477 - m11.4, size 3.8' x 3.4', NGC 4479 - m13.4, size 1.5' x 1.2', NGC 4473 - m11.2, size 4.5' x 2.5', NGC 4458 - m12.0, size 1.5' x 1.5' and NGC 4461, m11.1, size 3.6' x 1.4'

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